Julia Dutton

Former Global Head of Marketing @ 1Spatial PLC
20+ years in Marketing and Leadership
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I've been in marketing for more than 20 years, in various industries, including cyber security, SaaS, training, and professional services, where I've led high-performing growth teams and helped to scale businesses to deliver 100% growth. And although I've gained deep experience and skills, the important lessons are the ones I've learnt the hard way, which is what doesn't work, and why. My skill set is quite diverse - I've got broad strategy and leadership experience, but also possess technical, hands-on digital marketing skills like SEO, PPC, social media, and campaign management, in addition to having worked as a senior product marketing manager, writing and creating thought leadership content across a variety of channels. I've also interviewed dozens of candidates, and I can help you prepare for that first interview or update your CV to ensure it helps you secure that first interview. I would love to hear your experiences and help you grow into the leadership role you deserve.

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