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Software Engineer @ Microsoft

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Ever wondered what it takes to land your first dev job at one of most profitable companies in the world? or perhaps you are curious as to how you can break into the cyber securtiy space?

Hi, I'm Justin. I have 10 years experience in IT, with experience ranging from racking, stacking and patching network appliances, to writing code for large Australian Government organisations, to travelling to world providing cyber security advice to Fortune 500 companies, and most recently, being employeed by Microsoft as a Software Engineer.

If you want to learn more about anything to do with cyber security, engineering or really anything in between, let's have a chat! I would love you to succeed. I am a completely self-taught cyber security professional and software engineer, so I can help you by sharing cost effective study techniques and tips and tricks to achieve whatever you goal is.

What students say

"Justin is proactive and checks-in if I hadn't responded to see how I was doing with a topic we had discussed. He has responded promptly to async messages, providing input or articles, besides our sync calls. "
Mike, January 2022
5 stars


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