Kiran Kumar

Engineering Manager @ MediBuddy
Passionate Tech Leader
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If you are confused and struggling about bringing the solutions to real-life complex problems to reality using technology, you have landed on the right profile.

I help tech professionals who want to grow in their high demanding technology careers and non-tech professionals who want to bring their idea into reality through innovative technological solutions.

Coming from India's one of the most premium institutes (IIT Kharagpur) and having over seven years of experience, building scalable & stable products that can solve real-life problems is something I enjoy.
I have worked in fast-paced startups to a growing unicorn enterprise in the healthcare space along with my initiative.

At my present company, I lead a team of over 25+ Engineers to enable high-quality healthcare for corporates, insurance companies, and affinity partners like Amazon, Walmart, Accenture, Deloitte, TCS, MaxLife, Vakarangee, etc. ( over 700 integrations done ).

My key responsibilities are -

1. Strategise & design products & features from scratch. From Authentication/Authorisation To Payments
2. Scale the technology architecture, team, and product
3. Conduct performance reviews, mentor, and guide the team.
4. Code and Architect key features
5. Strong grasp of technologies like Nodejs, Python, Mysql, Redis / Memcache, MongoDB, React, etc.
6. Strong grip on AWS Cloud and its services, including SQS, RDS, ECS, EBS, Cloudwatch, ELK, etc.

Coaching & Mentoring is one of the passions which I practice in my life. If you want to leverage my experience and expertise in your career growth, contact me.

Here are a few bonus tips for all my students -

1. Effective Communication for salary negotiations & stakeholder management.
2. Make your work visible to the team for career growth.
3. Interview preparation tips while being in a job.
4. Discover your passion if you have not found it yet.
And much more...

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