Kirill Markin

Founder, Head of AI Lab @, SOAX
Dive Deep into AI, Data Science, and Management with an Experienced Industry Insider's Guidance
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Embark on a transformative journey in AI, data science, and business automation with me, Kirill Markin. Over my 11-year tenure at the forefront of and the AI Lab at SOAX, I've seen the landscape evolve and had the gratification of guiding startups and SMBs through this ever-changing terrain with tailored CRM/ERP solutions.

My path was filled with exploration, innovation, and learning from every challenge I faced. From early-stage MVP development to scaling high-performance teams, I've navigated the complexities of the tech world and emerged with strategies and insights I'm eager to share. I've learned that the true essence of progress lies not just in mastering technology but in the art of applying it effectively to solve real-world problems.

- Data Science & Machine Learning
- Large Language Models (LLMs)
- CRM/ERP Integration
- Business Automation & Strategy
- Startup Scaling & Management

Believing in the power of collaborative learning, I approach mentorship as a partnership. I aim to foster an environment where you can develop your skills, gain clarity on your goals, and translate your ideas into impactful, actionable plans. I am here to provide guidance, support, and the occasional nudge toward innovative solutions, all while ensuring that you remain at the center of your learning journey.

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