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Hey there! I’m a Staff UX Researcher who pivoted from advertising/marketing/PR to UX after my Master's program. As a lifelong learner, I've followed my curiosity around the world - I've worked in 3 countries for a variety of companies, such as agencies, banking, video games, startups, and real estate.

I've worked in companies with varying levels of UX maturity (from first, sole researcher to fully staffed UXR team) and have led end-to-end research studies for B2B and B2C sides of the business. I also have previous mentorship experience with junior UX professionals trying to break into the field and/or progress in their careers.

As an immigrant, woman and POC, I understand first-hand the added challenges that being a minority brings on top of breaking in and making it in tech. I'm happy to chat about anything related to that as well.

I'm happy to chat about:
- Interview prep questions
- Resume/ Portfolio review
- Transitioning to UX
- Getting started with your first UX/UXR job
- Research practices
- Impostor syndrome
- Applying your UXR skills to different fields
- Adjusting to a different culture
- Being a woman in tech


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