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Product Coach & Founder @ Changemaker PM, Ex-Head of Research at Marco Polo, Sr. PM, Notion
15+ Years of Product Experience | Expert People-Listener and Community Builder
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I'm a product-focused founder as well as a coach/consultant that helps mission-driven product teams develop the best practices used by the world's best product teams. I have over a decade of experience leading research, product, and product marketing at B2C and B2B tech companies. I focus on UX, strategy, continuous discovery, and customer development practices, as well as on community. I've trained with Marty Cagan on the Inspired and Empowered frameworks, and am a top contributor to Lenny Rachitsky's Community Wisdom Newsletter.

As a founder, I am building an app focused on building trust in community. I help product and UX folks focus on developing products valuable to their customers. I am a great listener and sounding board and describe myself as a connector and contributor above all.

I've spoken at SXSW, Mind the Product Leadership Conference, Grace Hopper Celebration, Product Camp Cascadia, and others. My work has been featured in Product Coalition and Mind the Product Prioritized.

I'm heavily involved with the movement to make technology more humane and prosocial, as a board member of Prosocial Design Network, member of the Integrity Institute, on the Aspen Institute Virtually Human Working Group, a mentor for All Tech is Human, and a member of many communities working to change the approach around building social technology.

Looking forward to meeting you and discovering how I can help you succeed.

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