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Leslie Wellott

Founder @ Frame & Reference
Brand & Marketing Leader Helping You Define Your Or Your Company's Value
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Helping people who are looking to define their why -either for themselves or their business.

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I’m a seasoned brand and marketing leader who has worked inside dynamic creative cultures and with early-stage start-ups, non-profits, and established blue-chip brands across global sectors (Starbucks, JetBlue, Burton, Samsung, Rad Power Bikes).

I'm passionate about working with people to uncover what makes them or their business unique and bring that to life in compelling ways as well as helping people develop the skills to think more strategically, frame up compelling cases, and establish a plan that gets results.

What I Offer:

Brand Definition & Development: Partnering to develop your purpose, position, values, and personality to stand out in the marketplace. I can also provide recommendations on great designers who can develop your identity and website.

Elevator Pitch: Crafting memorable, usable, and impactful key messages.

Presentation Coaching: Creating engaging presentations that resonate with your audience.

Workshop Development: Crafting workshops that capture attention, encourage participation and yield results.

Strategic Guidance: Guiding product, business, or marketing strategy to make it airtight and compelling.

Creative Thought Partnership: Identifying new opportunities aligned with your business goals and developing an action plan.

I approach mentorships through collaboration and open conversations to ensure clear goals and a sense of ownership. I’ve succeeded if you feel inspired and that our partnership has yielded tangible results.

The start of any great relationship is a conversation. I’d love to meet you and learn more about your background and goals and chart a path to success.

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