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Founder @ Social90
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I was inspired to become a mentor because I wish I had had someone to guide me when I founded my first business, Social90. Helping people and seeing them succeed brings me immense joy, which is why I have been mentoring for the past three years alongside founding multiple businesses.

My mentoring style is direct and honest, and I believe in relaying transparency and hard truths, even if it may be uncomfortable at first. I don't beat around the bush and will never bullsh*t you. If you need someone a bit more "corporate" then I'm probably not the mentor for you! If you are a hard worker with a relentless appetite to be in the top 1% then we will get on fine...

I specialise in mentoring marketers, SAAS startups, and entrepreneurs in general.

My journey as an entrepreneur started when I moved away from home at the age of 15 to pursue a career in professional rugby. Unfortunately, my career was cut short due to a career-ending injury at the age of 19. This led me to start my first business in property maintenance, and since then, I have gone on to found several successful companies, including a marketing agency, a property development company, and a SAAS software company that utilises AI which is the current project I am looking to scale to 7 figures this year.

I have been nominated for young entrepreneur of the Year and regularly speak about entrepreneurship and mentorship on my podcast, Born Ambitious. The podcast has been featured in several magazines, including The Times Newspaper.

My approach to mentoring always begins with ensuring that my mentees are self-aware and understand that they can have an opinion, but still be wrong. I believe in evaluating multiple pieces of information before making decisions, which is why I always provide data-driven results. For me, the success of mentorship is measured by the ROI I deliver, whether it is financial returns, valuable advice, network connections, or creative ideas.

I really look forward to working with you.

- Lu

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