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Maddy Agrawal

I help #B2B & #SaaS companies scale fast! @ Startup to Scaleup
Scientific approach to revenue growth 0-100M ARR📣Leads on Demand |⏳Shorter Sales Cycles |💪Efficient Tech Stack
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13x Founder, 3 Exits, Venture Raised, 1000+ Advisory calls.

Between 2019 & 2022, I helped 150+ companies speed up their growth. Some started with an idea and achieved 1M ARR in less than a year.

While others started with a sales and marketing team and tripled their qualified leads without any increase in efforts while cutting sales cycles in half.

Collection of my guides, frameworks, and hacks: https://www.revenueinsideout.com/

Checkout recommendations from startups on my LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/madhuragrl/

I help you succeed with outbound campaigns & PR as well as increasing prices and winning over the competition by finding customer's hidden pain points. Not to mention making better demo calls and reducing your sales cycles.

More specifically I help with:

- Growth Hacking by Designing & Automating end-to-end funnels (& team structures).
- Continuously create messaging that attracts, using customer's own words.
- Increase conversions by having an in-depth analysis of Sales & Demo calls.
- Design a growth plan and sales playbook with KPIs to maximize revenue.

After founding several startups across Europe and the US, 200+ employees & my last exit, I am now helping B2B companies achieve their sales potential.

Sales is a science. Just like you engineer your product into existence, you need to build a sales & marketing machine to help people see how your product changes their lives for the better.

I realize that the secret of startup growth is NOT in hiring a great salesperson, or a rainmaker who can magically sell more. But to build a sales system, so that anybody (almost) can sell more. That's how it becomes much easier to scale.

At the same time, every stage of a startup needs a different way of thinking, a different skill set, and knowledge. What got you here, won't get you there. I work with founders to help them get unstuck and give a clear path to predictable & hyper-growth.

I'll help you build sales machines & reach predictable revenue (i.e. predictable growth) in weeks, rather than months (or even years) of trial & error.

Almost certainly I've experienced what you're going through at one time or another. And if I haven't, I'll tell you and won't waste your time. Start with a quick introductory call and let's see how we vibe.

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5 out of 5 stars

Great intro session - Maddy shared some frameworks and live examples to help me shift my mindset and approach.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
4 months

Maddy was awesome. I have never worked with anyone so easy and willing to help in my life.

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