Maddy Agrawal

Revenue Engineer | Sales Scientist @ Startup to Scaleup
#SaaS & #B2B | Faster Growth 00 to 50M ARR | 📣Leads on Demand |⏳Shorter Sales Cycles |💪Efficient Tech Stack
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After founding several startups, with 300+ employees & and my last exit, I am now helping B2B & SaaS companies achieve their growth potential.

Between 2019 & and 2022, I helped 150+ companies speed up their growth.

Some started with an idea and achieved 1M ARR in less than a year. Others started with a sales and marketing team and tripled their qualified leads without any increase in efforts while cutting sales cycles in half.

Sales and growth are scientific processes. Just like you engineered your product into existence, you also need to engineer a growth engine that is predictable, efficient and can gain higher velocity.

So when you’re not growing as fast as you would like to, I can help you with:

► Revenue Rocketry: A Scientific Approach to Faster Growth.
Engineer Your Go-To-Market Strategy for Maximum Success with Minimal Effort.

► Data-Powered Sales Messaging Blueprint.
Engineer your message to resonate with your prospects using data.

► Product-Market Symphony: Harmonizing Strategies for Predictable Sales
The science of product-market fit for elevating your sales processes to new heights.

► Offer Engineering: The science of pricing.
Learn how to craft pricing strategies that maximize value and profitability.

► Data-Driven Decision: The Science of Metrics for SaaS Founders
Harness data and leverage metrics to stand out and drive rapid growth

► Efficiency Amplifier: Maximizing Sales Tech and Team Processes.
Elevate your sales operations to new heights by harnessing the seamless synergy between your sales tech stack and team processes.

► Conversion Architect: Designing High-Impact Closing Strategies
Tools and tactics that expedite your sales cycles with higher conversion rates.

The SaaS Scaling Game Plan with Scientific Process:

Some of my Frameworks, Guides & Hacks:

Checkout recommendations on my LinkedIn Profile:

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
4 months

Maddy was awesome. I have never worked with anyone so easy and willing to help in my life.



5 out of 5 stars

Great intro session - Maddy shared some frameworks and live examples to help me shift my mindset and approach.

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