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Mark Sorce

Senior Software Engineer
9+ years of experience in software engineering
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For jr, mid, and aspiring software engineers aiming to enhance their career and excel in interviews.

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Greetings! I'm Mark Sorce, a Senior Software Engineer specializing in frontend development with a rich nine-year career journey in the software industry. My skill set includes JavaScript, Typescript, React, GraphQL, Apollo, Enzyme, React Testing Library, Webpack, Sass, HTML, and CSS, as well as cracking algorithm and data structures interviews from companies including Google, eBay, HubSpot etc. and have also interviewed candidates in my career.

My journey as a software engineer has been marked by a dedication to mastering the craft. I've had the privilege of contributing to various projects and teams, each of which has added unique layers to my expertise.

Whether it's developing and maintaining features, running tests, deploying updates, or tackling code reviews, I've been deeply involved in the software development life cycle. Additionally, I've honed my skills in problem-solving, team collaboration, and efficient workflow processes.

As your mentor, I'm eager to share my knowledge and experiences with you. Whether your goal is to secure your dream role, overcome imposter syndrome, enhance your technical skills, or simply navigate the world of software development, I'm here to guide you. Feel free to reach out, and together, we'll embark on a journey of growth and success in the dynamic field of software engineering!

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