Marta Izquierdo Bayà

CEO and UX Researcher @ BB Agency
Experienced UX Researcher offering mentorship to enhance your skills and grow in the field and beyond
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My name is Marta Izquierdo Bayà and I am a Social and Cultural anthropologist specialized in UX Design. Currently, I work as a UX Researcher at BB Agency and also manage Mirou, a startup that promotes inclusivity and accessibility for people with high levels of dependencies. Additionally, I am building something amazing with ROCK, with users at its very core!

I chose to specialize in UX because it combines empathy and creativity in a tangible form. Creating enjoyable and meaningful experiences for people is something that truly excites me.

My journey started as a healthcare assistant in Spain, but with the right vision and drive, I became a successful UX expert and CEO, living a digital nomad life. Now, I am here to share my knowledge with you.

As a mentor, I can help you with:

- Career mentoring and development
- Improving your UX skills (wireframing, prototyping, design thinking, etc.)
- Building a UX portfolio with case studies that will help you get hired
- Developing your interview skills
- Building your storytelling and presentation skills
- Creating your own successful personal brand
- Deepen you knowledge in accessibility
- Expand your product design skills

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