Matteo Diana

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2x founder, product leader, global citizen
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Hello all,
Anyone can reach their goals and better themselves, professionally and personally. Reality is that it is not that easy to do it in practice. Mentorship is a way to facilitate that so that you don't get stuck in the process.

Although my core expertise lies in Product Management, I can apply the same tools and learnings to guide your growth as if you were a 'product' to delight your customers (=employers, personal network) in hard to copy (=your core value proposition, relationships), margin enhancing ways (=achievement, career, money).

My journey so far:
- former robotics and machine learning research engineer with education from ITA and US
- worked and lived in 6 countries (FR, SP, IT, UK, DE, US) with on premise and globally distributed teams
- had roles as individual contributor, manager, manager of managers
- 2x founder
- worked with various business models (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) and direct sales/marketplaces
- with past in HealthTech, gig economy, FinTech, Aviation and Trasportation, TravelTech

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