Mel Ross

Founder, Modern Mindset Expert @ Adapt2Digital
10+ years as a mentor-coach to executive leaders and transformation leaders
United Kingdom Active 9 months ago
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Senior leaders, transformation leaders, project/program managers

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Mel is founder of The Dilyn WayTM, a human and social systems framework for humanising transformation programs. Mel believes deeply that we are in a unique position to bring humanity back into business and work through role model leadership. After experiencing and leading complex transformations client side, as well as various entrepreneurial exploits, she developed a resilience to challenge established process driven transformation. Mel's has profiled and worked with thousands of leaders, helping them contexualise and map their strengths and uniqueness to modernity and the transformation agenda. Three mantras ground her work: If not you, then who? There is more than one right answer and Small is beautiful!


Holistic Performance Mentor-Coach | Humanising Transformation Consultant | Motivation | Leadership Mindset shift | Entrepreneurship

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