Michael Borowiec

Founder of B2B Brand Consultancy @ WIOSNA
7 years of creating awesome and effective B2B brand experiences
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Your brand is your first chance to connect with the people you need to win. If you don't get it right, it might be your last.

Hey there 👋 I'm the founder of WIOSNA, an Amsterdam-based B2B brand consultancy. I have years of experience in creating brands that impress and stand out from the crowd.

Our brands don't only look great. They actually perform:

- Overhauled the entire brand and website of a German agency. The result was a pivot to consultancy, increasing average client value by 1,5X.

- Oversaw the brand message and content of a Web3/DeFi company. This 5X'ed their community channels and reach.

- Created the entire brand and speaker pitch for a climate tech event. We ended up locking in 9 top company speakers and selling out.

- Led brand and communications of one of the biggest blockchain application platforms in Europe.

So many incredible leaders we have worked with have one major problem – they have the vision, but they don't know how to properly show it. The result? They end up missing out on key opportunities to inspire prospects, investors, or employees.

If we work together, I can give you the testes tools and frameworks to:

- Understand the hidden needs of your audience/trends in the market.

- Build an awesome brand strategy that helps you reach your goals.

- Use your brand message to communicate and inspire in real life and online.

- Learn how to apply your brand via web design, UI/UX and internal culture.

If you feel you're missing out on crucial chances to connect with your audience, let's chat!


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