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I've spent the last 10+ years in the fastest growing areas in the market. Gaming, esports, influencer marketing, social media advertising and strive to be at the forefront of what's next.

I've spent the last seven years building a variety of businesses in this market. My social creative agency is now a team of 100+, delivering work for fortune 500 brands/companies. My creator/influencer agency now represents some of the top talent in the world, representing 80 creators that currently deliver 2B+ views per month on a recurring basis.

Led and negotiated multi-million £ acquisitions to bolster our company growth.

Repeatedly restructured, reshaped businesses from the ground up to enhance efficiency, profitability, and business structuring for the best in class for clients, and employees.

Although slightly younger, I've been in business for now 13 years but have adapted within the age of business as it is today. The market moves quickly, and you need to move quickly with it

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