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Rafaela Azevedo

CEO & Founder | Senior QA Consultant | SDET @ The Chain Academy
+16 years experience | Web3 | QA | Test Automation | Founder | Career Coach | Blockchain
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Current CEO and Co-Founder at The ChainAcademy, with the mission to bring more people to the Web3 community. SC Cleared Full Stack SDET with +16 years of Experience in QA, +14 years of Experience in Test Automation, and +9 years in Leadership, Delivering and Releasing Software on different platforms (Mobile, Desktop, Web).

Became a STEM Ambassador , a STEM Women Member , and a Google Developer Expert making an impact and bringing more young people to the STEM area. Contributes to TestProject and instructor of Test Automation University (Contract Tests with Pact and Introduction to Blockchain Testing). Together with other Web3 and Blockchain Expert Testers created the Web3Tests Community on Discord ad Twitter.

Outside of work, she is interested in dogs/cats, Harry Potter, cryptocurrencies, fitness 🏋️, metal music and drums 🥁.

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