Mohamed Sayed

Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer @ WinGD
6+ years of experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics | PhD | Aerospace Engineer | Ex-F1 Engineer
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Hello there! I'm Mohamed Aly and I'm a driven aerospace engineer with a Ph.D. in turbulence modeling and particle tracking. I have a great passion for all topics related to fluid mechanics and space exploration. With a unique and diverse background, I believe I can bring a new set of skills and experiences to the world of aerospace engineering and fluid dynamicists.

I perceive myself as a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) specialist who is always passionate to learn more. I grew up in Egypt where I had my first degree in Aerospace Engineering at Cairo University. Ever since I got very inspired by the science behind CFD and its plethora of applications in almost every field. I pursued my MSc degree in Fluid Mechanics and Energetics with Grenoble INP University in France. After that, I followed my passion to Switzerland where I did my Ph.D. (at Paul Scherrer Institute with EPFL University in Lausanne). My Ph.D. focused on particle sub-grid scale modeling in complex turbulent flows using hybrid LES/RANS. After my Ph.D., I had the chance to work with the fantastic Aston Martin Formula One Team as a CFD Engineer - where I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Currently, I'm running my side business (Simulitica Ltd) through which I provide high-quality CFD solutions to top-tier clients.

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