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Natália Tôrres

Product and UX Research Lead @ NetCompany
Helping designers navigate real product challenges and build a unique career | Psychology in UX | UX Audit
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Hey there, I'm Natalia Torres, and I'm not your typical mentor.

I work in the Public Sector (NHS Projects), and it's rough out there.

I'll be the perfect mentor for you if you agree that we won't just be talking about the basics of Product Design (there are enough resources about that online); we're diving into the difficult parts of UX. No fluff.

I will help you build a career and a portfolio like the ones that companies want to see (not the ones from bootcamps).

I'm a specialist in auditing failing products (and there are plenty of those). I'm all about UX Theory, Psychology in Design, and Mental models that will help you design and communicate your decisions.

In my mentorship program, we're not just talking wireframes, methodologies, or personas. That would be the perfect world of design, and it rarely happens like that. Here, it's about facing real-world challenges – communicating your ideas, handling different teams, and proving your point with hard data.

It's a bit of a war out there, and you've got to be armed with more than just sketches.

We'll explore the daily battles of ResearchOps and DesignOps, learning how to make data your secret weapon. Forget the textbook – we're jumping into the messy, exciting world of Product Design.

Join me, and let's get through this journey together.

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5 out of 5 stars


I had an exceptional mentorship experience with Natalia who significantly exceeded expectations in preparing me for interviews. She dedicated extra time, imparted invaluable, practical advice, and challenged me with insightful questions mirroring those I might face in real scenarios Her constructive feedback and genuine investment in my growth were key, making her mentorship transformative for my professional development in user experience research. I'm profoundly grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her expertise to anyone in the field.