Natália Tôrres

Product and UX Research Lead @ NetCompany
12+ years as a Digital Designer, 5+ as UX Designer
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For UX and Product Designers - UX Research plan - Product roadmap - Presenting projects

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I'm a Product Strategist and UX Researcher Consultant at NetCompany. I love what I do and this is definitely the most challenging position I've ever had. Working for an IT consultancy will teach you how to engage with heavy tech led teams who are shifting into a product led scenario. I'm part of this transformation.

Working as a consultant has been teaching me how complex technology can become and how we need to learn to adapt. If you are interested in learning more about product design, strategy and research within the IT and consultancy world, I can help you get there. Often, people think we only have to do one big shift into product design if we are coming from a different field, but everyday we need to adapt in the product world, coming from a design background or not. It's always possible to evolve, adapt or change, no matter who you are and where you come from and this is my legacy.

I'm a career oriented woman in the tech industry and I love what I do. As the next steps in my career, I want to help aspiring designers to find the right job for them in this highly competitive (and slightly saturated) industry. I want to help people to learn how to evolve into the best version of themselves and share my knowledge about what we would like to hear on interviews and projects.

Product Design and UX Research can be very inspiring, but it's so much more than designing the best interface out there. I deal with demanding clients everyday, I'm client facing and have manage both clients and stakeholders expectations. I feel confident I know what the market expect from designers nowadays, so let me know if we could be a good fit and work together.

Looking forward to meeting you, my new mentee!

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