From my first ever job being my own company to working with the United Nations for the Sustainable Development Goals, over the course of a 8 year career I've developed a skill-set directly relevant to the role of a Frontend developer. I worked as an freelance Graphic Designer very early in my career to earn some extra cash along with my university (2010-12) along with coding before ultimately shifting my focus completely to UI/UX development and helping teams bridge the gap between design and engineering.
My passion lies in design and I love working with design teams to figure out the best looking interface or the optimum way from point A to point B for any user.
I have been, over the years working on building responsive and browser/device friendly interfaces and understanding users to build a well suited user experience for various types of platforms like SaaS products, static websites, e-commerce, dashboards, data analytics etc.
I have a bad habit of putting solving for a problem over perfect code.

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