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Niko Schröer

Head of Partnerships @ Stripe
15ys at Stripe, Google, Adidas | Father of 3 | Amateur Athlete
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Hi - great to meet you and thanks for checking out my profile!

I’m Niko, an ambitious tech professional, passionate father and enthusiastic endurance athlete. During my +13ys in leading roles at Stripe and Google, I've helped tons of people finding their personal path to build a fullfilling career.

I'd love to connect and discuss how we can partner up to build your indivdiual path as well.
Get in touch and feel free to learn more about my path by clicking "read more"!

Who am I, what drives me and what can I offer to?

In over 13 years in strategic partnership roles at Stripe and Google, I've built a fulfilling career working on challenging projects with smart people from around the world. Balancing this, with being present dad to my 3 kids and pushing myself as an amateur runner and cyclist is where I've found my true happy place.

Supporting others in their personal and career growth has always been a big passion of mine. At Google I was a mentor and coach to fellow 'Googlers' in Google's in-house mentoring program and I led a startup founder mentoring program at Campus London. I've also been a natural "can you give me feedback on my CV?" person in my network for as long as I can think.

If you are looking for ways to build a career (and life!) that you are happy to wake up to every day, I'd be super excited to partner with you on this journey. Let's sit down, discuss what your "ideal job/life" looks like and build a paths that can step by step take you there. I will work with as a partner, that challenges you to think bigger while breaking your paths down into simple actionable steps you can take right now. Always eye-to-eye level, always constructive and I will do my best to also make it fun :-)

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