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Rafael Perozin

Software Development Manager @ BrandAlley
18+ years of experience in the web development
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Ready to grow in your career? I can mentor you to achieve it!

I usually help developers to understand what their boss expects from them, set goals, create a career plan, get promoted, perform well, be the employee all the companies are looking for and deliver results/projects.

I had my own digital agency for seven years in Brazil. I had experience working as s developer in the Uk and France. In my current company, in a year, I got promoted two times, from senior to lead and then manager. I manage e-commerce with 30M views per day and a cross-functional team of 26 devs and leads in 3 countries. Delivering high-quality software projects on time is my primary function.

I excel in identifying and solving complex technical challenges and driving projects forward. I am also highly focused on processes, and I believe the secret is the continuous work to streamline and improve existing processes to ensure consistent and efficient delivery.

As a crucial complement for a manager, I have experience managing and motivating cross-functional teams, fostering a positive and productive work environment, integrating multicultural professionals, and helping other collaborators to achieve the next level in their careers.

I usually make a difference in the companies I work with and the teams I lead. I'm sure I can help you too. Let's have a chat! Please send me a message and tell me your current difficulty.

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