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Raphael Neves

Director of Engineering @ Zendesk
Helping techies to develop leadership & human skills to transform their careers.
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90 days. 8 sessions. Your commitment.
That's all we need to transform your engineering leadership career with my signature mentorship program.

I will push you beyond your technical expertise and help you develop a strong leadership character backed by powerful human skills so you can thrive in any project, team, or company.

With this program, we will tailor a game plan to your reality.

And at the end, you will:

- Build lasting relationships
↳ One of the key ingredients to success as a leader is the ability to build a solid inner circle to support your journey. I will share all my frameworks and tools so you can also build meaningful relationships throughout your career.

- Influence without authority
↳ Learn how to drive change, get buy-in from your senior leadership and stakeholders, and lead by example.

- Master the art of delegation
↳ You will learn the delicate dance between entrusting your tasks to skilled individuals and creating growth opportunities for those seeking to expand their capabilities to improve your productivity and relieve your workload.

- Discover your leadership style and mission
↳ What is your missing statement as a leader? What are the principles and values driving your journey? What is your North Star as an Engineering Leader?

- Connect with your team at the deepest level
↳ Leadership is a collective sport; you will discover how to nurture and grow your talents, fostering a culture of excellence.

- Become an expert in performance management
↳ Performance management shouldn't be scary! You will discover how to evaluate performance and deliver meaningful, game-changing performance reviews.

But if you are not ready to commit to the signature program, I may help you in different ways:

- One-on-One tactical coaching session
- Mock Engineering Leadership Interviews
- Reviewing your CV so you can get more interview calls
- Reviewing your LinkedIn profile to increase your exposure to desired companies or audience

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
7 months

Raphael is a terrific mentor who is super generous with his time and has helped me quite a bit navigating my entry into the software engineering field. Strongly recommend. He is incredibly passionate about leadership and you should check out his articles!



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
2 months

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