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Rina K.

Product Designer @ Meta
ex-Amazon, 5 years of experience in UX
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👋 Hi there! I’m Rina, a Product Designer at Meta. Previously, I was a UX designer working on Alexa at Amazon working on consumer domains like communications, device onboarding fitness, and visual UI systems. Previous to my transition into the UX industry, I studied Architecture at Cornell University, while working at international firms.

I have mentored 40+ people (via Mentorcruise, Design Lab, ADP List, Architechies, etc) through career transitions, UX assignments, and more. Whether you are a student, UX bootcamp graduate, career switcher, or new professional, we can work together to come up with a plan specific to your goals. My mentorship style involves active listening, encouragement, and actionable feedback.

As a career switcher, I know how stressful it is to transition your career. While it feels like you're starting over from scratch, there are many ways you can leverage and market your existing skillset. By understanding your unique background, I can give you support and guidance to break into the competitive UX industry and help you to stand out.

As someone who has aced interviews at top tech companies with a 100% interview success rate (Google, Meta, Amazon, Block, Uber, Pinterest, and more), I can also help you break into top tech companies and teach you proven frameworks that work. With experience giving design interviews, I can give you tips on how to best represent yourself to the hiring team in behavioral interviews, portfolio presentations, whiteboards and app critiques.

As your mentor, I will help you with the following:

→ Transition your career to UX
→ Review your Portfolio & CV
→ Guide you through the UX Interview process
→ Prepare you for whiteboards (+framework demo)
→ Prepare you for app critiques (+framework demo)
→ Understand salary & market expectations
→ Mock UX Interviews (behavioral, whiteboard, app critique, presentations and more)
→ Break into a top tech company

Ultimately, the time we set aside is for you, we can tailor our meetings to what is helpful for you at any given time.

 Can’t wait to meet!


Availability: Evenings from Monday to Thursday, and Saturday Mornings
Timezone: Pacific Time

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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Rina is an excellent, encouraging mentor who has a lot of great advice to offer on interview strategies. Would absolutely recommend her to anyone preparing for upcoming interviews or for general mentorship.



5 out of 5 stars

I really enjoyed having Rina as a mentor because she provided me with relevant industry knowledge and insight that helped me prepare for interviews and succeed. She was also thoughtful in our conversations and provided specific and actionable feedback to help me improve in my job search and progress in my career. Rina is also transparent and so relatable, which helped me to connect with her on a natural level. I could tell that all of her insight came genuinely from her experiences and I learned a great deal from her.




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