Robert Stevenson

Product Experience Design Director @ Ford Motor Company
23 years or experience driving meaningful product innovation.
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If you are starting-up, developing or desiging a product, I can help you. If you are a designer or you are curious about how creative culture can boost your product and team, I can help you.

I have 23 years of experience developing meaningful innovative products in healthcare, consumer electronics (Samsung) home furnishings (Kohler Co.) and automotive (Ford Motor Co.). The common thread though all of of my work is dedication to human centred innovation.

I coach with a human centred approach too. I mentor my teams to be focused on
* Creating new meaningful value for customers and business.
* Enaging with each other with empthy, humility, candour and critically a growth mindset.
* Give, then take.
* Make human connections with each other and with their stakeholders.
* Work with personal balance and not to get bottle necked for optimal creative outcomes.

If you're looking for support in:
* Progressing your creative career and your creative leadership skills.
* Managing your creative design efforts in a global corporate environment
* Pin pointing the essential insights that drive paradigm shift product design and development
* Thinking holistically about experience product across multiple touchpoints through hardware, software and service.

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