Rosaalie Shah

Head of Product, Formerly @ Coursera, SugarCRM, eBay
15+ years Product, Business, Marketing | 9+ years People Management | Career transition from Music to Tech
United States of America Active last month Usually responds in a day or two


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I'm a seasoned mentor and coach committed to empowering professionals to excel in their careers. With 15+ years product leadership experience at companies like Coursera, eBay, SugarCRM, as well as a background in running start-ups, I'm passionate about guiding individuals through challenges and helping them reach their full potential.

I firmly believe in the power of lifting others up as I rise. That's why I offer personalized guidance and support tailored to each person's unique aspirations. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, I'm here to help you unlock new levels of growth and achievement in your career journey. Let's work together to make your career aspirations a reality.

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