Rui Barreira

VP of Engineering @ Kununu (parte of New Work SE)
Portugal Active 3 months ago


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My name is Rui Barreira; I am a versatile, strategic tech executive blending solid technical skills & business acumen with in-depth product management experience. Having an extensive involvement in digital transformation, product development, technology strategy and Board advisory, I enjoy launching successful enterprise & consumer-facing products into a global customer base.

Over the course of strategically impacting large international companies from a C-suite perspective, I have had the opportunity to translate thinking to action, providing results by implementing new ideas and concepts that have generated efficiencies in a quick span. What I do, leads directly to turnarounds, growth, and the strategic application of emerging technologies.

Being an empathetic executive leader with solid people orientation, I combine technology, strategy and leadership to conduct business transformation and achieve major organizational change while driving productivity and growth. I am skilled at promptly anticipating market changes and addressing competitive threats to navigate complex environments and scale companies.

As a strategic advisor and industry expert, I strive to maximize business revenue while building new capabilities and innovations into organizations' digital roadmaps and technology ecosystems.

→ CEO/CDO/VP/Co-Founder/Board Member of tech companies and non-profits.
→ Advisory Board Member in multiple startups and innovation hubs.
→ Technology executive in multiple international organisations.
→ Recognized technology authority and industry expert.

As a tech advocate, I encourage companies to embrace challenges, foster innovation, and generate efficiencies using technology to create competitive advantages.

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