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Serdar Senay

Fractional CTO
16 years of experience at GSK, Nokia, Canon and 4 bootstrapped tech startups with 1 exit.
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Leveraging a rich background as a technical founder, I bring to the table unparalleled expertise in:

- Precisely identifying your product-market fit, considering product dynamics, technology implications, and monetization strategies.
- Strategically addressing technical debt, ensuring optimal team utilization and a robust reorganization blueprint.
- Skillfully navigating complex architectural and software engineering conundrums, whether it involves refining your tech stack or implementing sophisticated smart contracts.

Engage with me for solutions that are both innovative and actionable, tailored to ensure your venture thrives.

Sed is an accomplished professional with over 16 years of experience in product and engineering, having worked in prestigious corporate firms including GSK, Nokia, and Canon. He has also excelled in various startup ventures, assuming co-founder, CTO, and CEO roles, primarily within the fintech and gaming sectors.

With a remarkable track record, Sed, alongside a co-founder, successfully bootstrapped bitcompare.net, growing it from its inception to a highly profitable venture generating seven-figure annual earnings. Additionally, he has demonstrated his ability to secure substantial investments, raising funds in the range of seven to eight figures for startups such as rota.com and coinburp.com.

Notably, Sed's most recent accomplishment involved the development of a captivating NFT game on the Ethereum platform within the MAD Metaverse project, orchestrating a team of 70 individuals.

Always driven by a focus on constructing sustainable product ecosystems, Sed is currently building proofs-of-concept (POCs) within the well-being industry, helping various projects as an advisor (synthtopia.world NFT project, moonrising.com, bir.one, noa-hub.com etc), eagerly seeking new challenges to undertake, and mentoring those who want to become challengers in their own fields.

Other Socials:
StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/1483143/serdarsenay
Trading: https://www.etoro.com/people/serdarsenay

PR Coverage:

Featured in entrepreneur.com

Coverage on p&e gamified systems

Coverage on building metaverses

Coverage on my CTO appointment

Coverage on top 101 UK co founders list

Coverage on tokentalk startup that eventually pivoted to bitcompare

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1 month

Great mentor. Serder knows a lot and he guided me with many directions in my career. True startup grinder and founder, I think everyone will benefit from his extensive experience in many aspects.

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