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Hi there! I currently design for sellers at amazon. Prior to that, I worked in several startups building products from 0 to 1 and Samsung shaping the future of AI assistant Bixby. I was exactly in the same position with you and navigated the same confusion and challenges you have.

Let me know your current context and what your goals are, then we can work together to define what actions you need to take to bridge the gap. It's okay if you are not completely clear where you are heading, I am good at navigating ambiguity (an essential skill for a designer lol) and will be here to support you to find your path.

What I can help with:
- Get into UX with little experience
- Build an impressing portfolio and resume
- Ace your UX Interview, e.g. whiteboard, app critique, portfolio review
- Understand nuances working as a designer in tech and how to deal with challenges at work
- Nurture collaboration and leadership skills
- Increase your impact as a designer
- Personal growth plan
- Design consumer-facing / business-facing products

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