Srinath Govindarajan

Product Lead @ Amazon
10+ Years of Product Leadership Experience building Data Products and Marketplaces
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(A) If you are setting up your Experimentation stack (Tooling/Program) - I can help you with advising you on the right tooling for your requirements, resourcing, provide advise on costs, act as an advisor with SaaS solutions to help you/your company to setup a successful Experimentation program!
(B) If you are preparing for an upcoming Behavioural interview at a Tech company or you are a PM/company looking for Data Platforms/Program Expertise - read on!

Hey there! Nice to meet you! Welcome to my own space. I'm Srinath and I'm a seasoned Product Leader with more than a decade of PM experience with some top Tech companies (Amazon, Alibaba, Grab). I have hired and managed Product Managers to deliver delightful Customer facing Products and Platform Product Strategy for Marketplace, B2C and SaaS companies.

As a PM Leader, I am incredibly passionate about Experimentation and driving decisions based on data through A/B/n tests. I have led Data Platform teams that are highly technical in nature for Segmentation, Experimentation and Governance. I provide mentoring/consulting on data platforms and also advise on what are the best tools for you/your company at any stage you are in! I am happy to sit in on Vendor calls as an advisor of the company to ensure you have the firepower on your end to ask the right questions and get yourself the best value!

Also as a Bar Raiser at Amazon - I interviewed more than 200 candidates. Over the last 3 years, I have helped 100s of candidates prepare for their Behavioural PM interviews across various Tech Companies in US/EMEA/APAC. I help companies in interviewing prospecting senior candidates to ensure they are aligned with the company goals/agendas and also work with teams to define Interviewing practices to help to keep the quality and culture intact (and not dilute culture with new hires!)

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