Stelios Tigkas
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Head of Information Security @ Solutionlab

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Γεια χαρά! I am an information security geek with twenty years of experience in the field as a penetration tester, technical consultant, strategy advisor, team lead and PCI DSS Auditor, in the UK, Denmark and Greece. I am very interested in music, animal welfare, philosophy and health.

I currently work as the Head of Information Security @ Solutionlab. I am also leading the Greenbridge project - a radical initiative aiming to bring the cybersecurity and creative arts communities closer to each other. One of Greenbridge's core offerings is a structured mentorship program. My full CV is here -->

If you are interested in a mentorship with me, would you kindly read through and let me have your thoughts on the recommended material and overall approach? And, if available, could you please include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your application?

I look forward to hearing from you!

What students say

"Stelios is a great mentor 😊knows how to communicate and guide me towards the right path"
Ramsey, June 2022
5 stars
"An excellent mentorship in all aspects. What made this truly special is that there is a very cool nonprofit initiative behind the mentorship program. Thank you Stelios!"
Giotis, February 2022
5 stars
"I had the pleasure to be Stelios mentee for a month. Stelios is a great person with deep knowledge on cyber security. He really helped me develop my organisational/technical skills along with personal development. It's really impressive that in such a short period of mentorship he managed to change my way of thinking, make me believe in my self and what I can achieve with self-studying and bring me closer to my goals. Thank you master Yoda :) "Do or do not. There is no try." "That is why you fail.""
Yorgos, April 2022
5 stars
"Stelios is a fantastic mentor! I was very happy with the overall experience and all the useful advice I got from him. "
Laura, February 2022
5 stars


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