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Antonis Savvidis

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Antonis Savvidis 

Unity Dev / Innovation Architect / 3d artist - Independent
Personal Chat To-Dos Projects & Challenges 1-on-1 Calls Hands-On Support

Hello there, and congratulations on actually seeking self-improvement on your skills and mindset 👋
I can assist you in your tech skills in order to achieve your dream. I am into a lot of tech skills as that has always been my hobby long before I turned it into a job. I currently work as a freelancer developer and as a hired-gun giving solutions when the going gets stuck. I've also been a VR me...

Engineering & Data UnityARVR
7 Day Trial Greece Greece
$240 /month
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Stelios Tigkas

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Stelios Tigkas  Quick Responder

Head of Talent Support -
Personal Chat To-Dos 1-on-1 Calls

Hello w0rld!

My name is Stelios. I am an Information Security geek with 20 years of work experience in the field, more than 12 of which have been with NCC Group Europe. I have worked as a technical consultant, PCI DSS auditor, team leader and penetration tester primarily across Europe, but also in Asia and Africa. I am currently in charge of a not-for-profit, cybersecurity talent support & ...

Engineering & Data cyber securitytechnical consultancypenetration testing
7 Day Trial Greece Greece
$150 /month
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