I help people in tech grow and shape their careers. Providing advice on both the WHAT and the HOW for effective and data-driven decisions that lead to positive results.

My background in software engineering having worked in large organizations as well as in startup environments in London for years, provided me with the knowledge that I want to share in relation to industry standards and best practices in making decisions.

As an Engineering Manager at Mimecast, I support and help junior and experienced engineers grow into world-class engineers and technical leaders while fostering psychological safety.

As a mentor and coach, my role will not be to provide all the answers. Working with me will require time on both sides of the party to achieve results you are proud of and own yourself.

Topics I love to talk about are:
- get your first job in tech
- productivity
- time management
- people management
- leadership
- conflict resolution
- agile / project management
- psychological safety
- scaling teams
- inclusion and diversity
- growth mindset
- everything Web UI related

Let's get in touch if any of the following applies to you:
- you are looking for your first job in tech
- you aspire to advance your career as a Software Engineer but don't know how
- you just got into management or considering a move
- are preparing for an interview and would like to practice and get some tips

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