Suyash Raj

Senior Program Manager @ Amazon
9+ Years of Experience in everything Sales and Entreprenurship
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My name is Suyash; I am an MBA from HEC Paris, and I have nine years of experience in sales negotiation & engaging with large accounts; I am a growth expert with a track record of driving revenues within the CPG and E-commerce industry, including seven years of people management experience. I Managed the sales operation of 120K stores with $75M in annual sales and Accomplished a Go-to-market plan to launch consumer brands; Häagen-Dazs, Nature Valley, and Pillsbury. I am also the Co-founder of India's first in-train food delivery start-up, Trapigo. Scaled it to reach $1.2M within a year.

Reach out to me if you feel you are currently stuck in your career or you are contemplating doing an international master's program to accelerate your career path.

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