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Taha Uygun

Engineering Manager
@Sony(Crunchyroll), Ex-Adobe, Ex-Amazon, Ex-Goldman Sachs
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Imposter syndrome? Fear of missing out in technology? Not able to find the right mentor to discover your passion? Doubts about pursuing further education and career advancement?

I had the same issues for a long time. When I got my first internship at Goldman Sachs, I was very lucky to have an amazing mentor. Then while I was working as a Backend engineer, I noticed that Machine Learning started to gain a lot of attraction. With the help of my mentor, I was able to transition into Machine learning. Soon after, I realized how interested I was in influencing other engineers like I was influenced. My move into leadership roles was primarily motivated by that.

During my career, I was able to work at companies like Adobe and Amazon. The experience I gained was incredible, but more importantly, I became more disciplined towards my goal of landing a FAANG job. Let me help you to elevate your career, simply because you deserve to make $300-400K a year.

Areas I can help you with:

- FAANG roadmap -> Data Structure & Algorithm preparation, System design preparation with Machine learning (Applied & Theoretical), Backend, Database systems.
- Review and update your resume
- Mock interviews -> Data Structure Algorithm, System design, DB design, Engineering Management, People Management
- Educational advices -> Thorough comparison of Bootcamps or Master's Degrees and their curriculum etc.
- Software engineering manager path change -> Finding your passion & talent in leadership
- Entrepreneurship (As a cofounder of multiple startups, I can definitely get you up to speed)

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5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
2 months

Taha as a mentor has been very helpful for me. I had just been laid off from my job and was looking for someone to help me do mock interviews but I got a lot more than that. He was able to give me advice, support and do technical questions during my job search. It was a stressful time for me but Taha went above and beyond what I though a mentor would do. I was able to land a new job with a substantial TC. I highly recommend Taha for those that feel like they need some help with their SWE careers.



5 out of 5 stars

Standard Plan · 
1 month

He is a very motivated and experienced professional, as well as a mentor. I greatly appreciated his resourcefulness and willingness to help me with anything I needed. Always available for support and very communicative. The roadmap he came up with helped me land at big finance company in New York as a software engineer. I highly recommend him.


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