Taras Malyshev

Head of New Business Innovation @ Pizza Hut International
14+ Years Crafting Simple Solutions
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Are you aiming to elevate your career, align your team for peak performance, and discover solutions so straightforward they make you think, "Ah! It’s obvious"? Then, you found the right person.

Examples of questions I may help you with:

- How can I become more efficient than my colleagues and be recognized as a leader by my superiors?
- What are effective strategies to improve business performance?
- How can I transform my team from followers into drivers of my business?

In my experience, goals are getting hard to achieve mostly in these 3 situations:

- Inner fight: It's hard to drive forward when all you see is a speedometer. It works for business, it works for you. When all efforts are spent internally who will take time to delight customers or get you seen by decision-makers. Do you spend enough time on seeking opportunities?

- Lack of Focus: People focused on data are often the leaders in business and life. The reality is - you measure the wrong or not useful metrics you don't move. There are always a handful of things you need to super focus on. Do you spend your time measuring the right things?

- Inconsistency: making 10 steps forwards and backwards will make you invest 60 steps but you will stay on the same place. Same with communication, if you call taxi a cab in USA you may wait too long to get a ride. Do you spend more time circling instead of spiraling ?

Some of the examples from my career:

- Reduced a plant's costs by 33% within 9 months by simplifying numerous rules down to three key statements and restructuring two meetings.

- Successfully turned around a $76+ million Oil and Gas corporation from the brink of bankruptcy.

- Revamped a 3.2 billion-pound North American supply chain, generating annual savings of over $100 million.

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