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Ex-Ceo @ Daimler AG and Mentor & Founder recently @ Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Romania / Romones International Trade and Services
Great Business Life Experience in 33 years... Now available to be benefited!
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Over 30 years of experience in professional business life in Turkey and Romania, I’ve been on both sides of the table as entrepreneur/business owner and also as executive holder of various positions including sales, marketing, strategy and finance departments.

I’ve reached to CEO level in a market leading multinational company and Board Memberships in various big companies. As the CEO, I’ve exponentially increased the profit (from €400K up to €11M) in 5 years together with significantly increased employee satisfaction level (from 64% up to 90%) during the same period.

During my life, I observed the following: All individuals (even if they are from the same company or even from the same department) have different approach to the same occurrent with their unique backgrounds, values and egos. Therefore (believe me, I have attended many many personal development seminars, trainings, career planning activities etc. ) I came to the conclusion that there is no such general course or activity or a book that can be as effective as a "one to one" mentoring or coaching for the sustainable development of a person as long as the right mentor is chosen.

Consequently, I am dedicated to help other business professionals by sharing my 33 years of experience and know-how in managing their teams and business. This is my current source of motivation!

P.S. please note that the revenue collected from mentees till the end of April will be donated to the earthquake victims and the proof of transfer will be shared with the mentee.

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