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Vaarnan Drolia

Founder @ Tegyaan Labs (Ex-Google)
Ex-Google Staff Engineer
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Hello, I'm an ex-Google Staff Engineer and Manager and now the founder of Tegyaan Labs. I have worked in Asia, Europe and the USA across 6 cities around the globe 🌍. I am an experienced leader in the world of software engineering and technology (my code runs with every Google Search, and with every page scraped by the Google Search crawler on the internet 🙃)

Over the past decade, I have led engineering teams at Google, built and launched several products in Google Search and Wear OS by Google. My areas of expertise extend to software engineering, mobile development, engineering management, Internet of Things (IoT), Search, Big Data, and Technical Leadership.

At present, as the founder of Tegyaan Labs, I'm turning my dreams into reality in London. Alongside running my business, I hold a deep passion for lifelong learning and mentorship. So, if you're seeking guidance in software engineering, IoT, big data or leadership or simply want someone to review your resume, I'm here to help and share what I've learned in my journey because I believe in empowering future tech wizards just as someone once did for me! Let's turn your tech dreams into remarkable realities, together!

More about me,

As a Staff Engineering Manager at Google, I led the launch of Wear OS in China, turning it into the second-largest market for smartwatches. I spearheaded the rebrand from Android Wear to Wear OS, emphasizing its broad compatibility. My team and I innovated smart features, integrating Google Pay, Calendar, Contacts, and more into the watch itself.

As a Technical Architect, I pioneered the componentization of the smartphone app, setting the stage for future smartwatch advancements. We increased software update frequency due to committed process improvements. Moreover, I championed a cultural shift towards quality and testing, improving testing coverage from 0% to 90%.

At Google Search, I orchestrated significant upgrades utilizing the Knowledge Graph, amplifying search capability and covering each page scraped by the engine. I led a vast project to develop a region-aware language interpretation system, improving search results and text interpretation. As the tech lead, I fostered collaboration leading to product launches at Google IO. Furthermore, I developed a widely-used Biasing API for enhanced user query understanding outside of Search.

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5 out of 5 stars

Vaarnan is truly amazing! Lots of experience, very high seniority, he is amazingly competent and massively helpful in navigating career and growth in tech. He is a very nice and pleasant human being, it is a pleasure and a privilege working with him!

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