Vale Querini

UX Consultant and Inclusive Design Educator @ Better Standards Club
Helped 100+ UX design students and product development professionals get better at what they do
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Hi! 👋
Nice to meet you. My name is Vale and my pronouns are they/them.

People who work with me know me as a skilled and socially responsible freelance UX consultant, strategic designer, user researcher, and educator.

I work from Berlin with local and international clients - from established companies and scale-ups to startups in Fintech, Edtech, Social Commerce, Software, Healthcare, Mobility, SaaS, Design, and Consulting firms.

I'm involved in several projects aimed at promoting inclusive, ethical, and sustainable design practices.

I've also been a teacher and I have mentored many career changers through some of the most recognized UX design bootcamps.

As your mentor, I can help you:
- Assess your UX skillset
- Develop stronger UX research and design skills
- Identify your career goals
- Improve your portfolio
- Prepare for job interviews
- Overcome common challenges and roadblocks
- Network effectively
- Elevate your collaboration skills
- Learn about ethics and responsible design practices
- Apply inclusive design principles in your work
- and much more!

Get in touch to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

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