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Achieve your goals as a business leader - ILM Level 7 Coach (pending)


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Hi, I'm Victoria.

I'm passionate about helping businesses succeed. I know business can be tough. So I create a safe space for you as a business owner or leader to talk through your goals and then I help you to achieve them by keeping you accountable and sharing my experiences.

As well as being a business owner myself, I also work with other business owners and leaders to achieve their goals. My background is in Corporate Communications, Broadcast Journalism (BBC) and the creative industries, so I have a wide range of experience working in different environments.

In addition to my mentoring and coaching experience, I'm currently studying for my ILM Level 7 in Executive and Senior level Coaching and mentoring and have won the Enterprise Nation Advisor of the Year Award 2022 for PR and Content.

Think of me as an extra member of your team - with the experience to bounce ideas off and help you avoid wasting time and energy on the pitfalls. I want to support your biggest business dreams and help you to fly.

I'm also a podcast host and producer, and my podcast, Creative Slurp, reached the Apple Top 30 for entrepreneurial podcasts last year.

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