Weronika Król

Data Engineer @ CERN - European Organization of Nuclear Research
👋🏻Mentoring students and young professionals since 2020 | Unlock your potential & boost your career with me 🚀!
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💚 Personality type - Protagonist - ENFJ |
🧬 Gallup Strengths DNA - Significance & Futuristic & Individualization & Focus & Maximizer |
🎿 Hobby: skiing, hiking, salsa & bachata dancer |
🌱 Special features - vegetarian! |

👩‍🎓 More about me...
I am Weronika - a Bachelor of Data Engineering graduated from Gdańsk University of Technology in Poland. From the very beginning, I've connected my area of interest with data, firmly believing that data is our present and future! Since 2021, I have been working in the fields of Data Analysis and Data Engineering. I started at T-Mobile in Poland and later moved to CERN - the European Organization of Nuclear Research in Switzerland.

🤔 Why mentoring with me?
Personally, I love participating in mentoring programs and learning from other people because there is always something you can learn from each person! I have also experienced how mentoring can accelerate your career! I enjoy connecting personality features with professions and solving problems through finding the route, deep analysis, and seeking unique solutions. In short, I am here to unlock your unique potential and help you be the best version of yourself!

What we can answer together:
👉 How can I use my potential in my professional career?
👉 What strengths do I have?
👉 How can I analyze my professional DNA and align it with the dream job?
👉 Why am I not satisfied with my job?
👉 What is it like to work within an international organization, and how can I be hired there?
👉 How do I find my dream job?
👉 How can I improve my CV?
👉 How can I prepare for the interview?
👉 Which studies/courses should I choose to develop further?
👉 How can I improve my social media?
Let's explore how my strengths and experience can help you!

Reach me
📧email: [email protected]
🙈IG: https://www.instagram.com/wer__koo/
👔LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/weronika-krol

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