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Hi! 👋I am Xanthe, a senior Product (UX & UI) Designer.

Do you want a coach who helps you and gives you guidance and the right tools to become a (better) UX/UI Designer? I coach Designers but also starters who want a career change and are looking for their first UX/UI job.

I am experienced in UX research methods, UX- UI design, design system and visual design. I have experience in creating attractive interfaces for websites but also designing complex fintech applications.
I have coached UX Designers for more than 3 years and people often describe me as creative and a caring person who listens to your needs. I love creating, (para)psychology, alchemy, dancing, gaming, philosophy and riding my motorbike.

During this mentorship I like to understand your goals or help you define one. Of course you can shape this mentorship to your preferences.

What I will help you with:
• Create goals and coach you to you achieve them
• Help you with your portfolio to showcase your best work to give that best first impression to recruiters and hiring managers ;)
• Practise job interviews

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What mentees say



5 out of 5 stars

Lite Plan · 
3 months

Xanthe was my mentor during my first UX / UI project. She selflessly shared her knowledge with me, pointed out mistakes in my work, and contributed to my learning progress. She is a good UX designer and a good mentor with great knowledge, good people person and a good communicator! I enjoyed working with her.



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