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Yanyi Li

Founder @ Nuwa Marketing & Nuwa Nails
Forbes-awarded serial entrepreneur in Marketing and Consumer brand


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I'm Yanyi Li, a Forbes-awarded serial entrepreneur and a top 1% marketer with a decade of experience in the bustling landscape of NYC. Managing two thriving startups, Nuwa Marketing and Nuwa Nails, I've honed my skills in influencer marketing, public relations, social media, events, startup building and scaling as well as fundraising.

With Nuwa Marketing, I've successfully collaborated with over 200 clients and 50,000 influencers, securing placements in top media outlets and orchestrating more than 200 events. Nuwa Nails, my latest venture, became profitable within 5 months, a testament to my marketing and entrepreneurial prowess. I also bring a wealth of experience in fundraising and boast an extensive network in the investor community.

My journey includes a master's degree in marketing from NYU, solidifying my commitment to excellence. I've been recognized as an individual with extraordinary ability, ranking in the top 1% of my field.

Our shared journey isn't just about business; it's about growth, resilience, and embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. Together, let's learn, overcome obstacles, and celebrate victories—both big and small. Your success is not just a goal; it's a shared achievement.

Thrilled to be your mentor, sounding board, and ally in this incredible adventure. Let's build something extraordinary together.

With passion and purpose,

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