Career Guidance? Career Growth? Communication? Confidence? Resume? Immigration? Boss? Life?

If any of the above (and much more) is bothering you, hit me up! I am here to help make your mind clearer and life better!

I am an Engineering Manager with 7+ years of professional experience and a Master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University.
I have been mentoring for 5+ years and am an active member of multiple organizations helping peers and mentees achieve their career (and life) goals (testimonials available on request).

I love to hear your story and help you achieve your goals in life. I have an approach that is customized per mentee and so you can be rest assured that I closely listen to you and make sure I am 'really' helping you.
Your interaction with me will be 'about you' and not me - something that is very important for me if I am seeking mentorship from someone.

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