Yohnathan Carletti

Senior Program Manager @ Microsoft
10+ years of Experience in Product Management, Big tech, and Product Led Growth
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I have more than thirteen years in tech, and more than half of those focused on product management. With experience in five different industries, across more than twenty countries (markets). Have led and worked with startups helping them to grow up to series C or even purchased, but also with big multinational companies where dynamics are more complex.
I have a technical background so I have always been between the business global strategy and the tactical-technical execution. So I have not only been leading tech and product, but I have also overseen strategy and organization.

As a mentor I can help you with:
- All things related to Product management ( strategy, analytics, go-to-market strategy, market fit, pricing, and Productized services and platforms).
- And cultivate a real product-led mindset for you and your company
- OKrs, from understanding them to defining them in your company scope and helping you cascade those in your organization
- Growth marketing and the best strategies to enable it aligned with your company vision and your product scope
- How to build a team and an organization despite if its on-site or remote
- I can also provide guidance for your product or company on selecting the best tech stack or architectural strategy.

As your mentor, I look forward to learning about your vision, and helping you plan and realize that vision.
Let’s connect and help you succeed.

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