York Wong

Principal Software Engineer @ Objective Corporation
Practicing serious software engineering principles in React front-end development
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As a software engineer with over two decades of experience, I have spent the past decade specializing in front-end development (React) and test automation. While front-end development can be a highly creative career, I have come to recognize that software engineering is an essential component of large-scale projects that is often overlooked by many front-end developers.

As such, I am excited to offer mentoring services to front-end developers who already have adequate coding skills but are seeking to advance to senior or lead positions.

Although most of my topics can be found in Agile and Software Engineering textbooks, they are often overlooked by front-end teams. By implementing these best practices, front-end developers can significantly improve their workflow and productivity.

- Skillset Review
Identify skills needed to level up your role

- Test-Driven Development and Unit Testing
Highly effective ways to test and develop software through small iterations and a test-first mindset.

- Storybook
The tool allows you to create isolated environments to test one or multiple UI elements. External dependencies such as APIs are mocked

- Automated Integration tests and Visual Regression Tests
Are built on top of Storybook and Playwright and ensure the interaction and style of UI components are correct

- End-to-end tests
Also with Playwright but no dependencies are mocked

- Continuous Integration
Integrate and test all the components of a product frequently, typically at least once a day, ensuring that issues are caught and addressed early in the development process.

- Any kind of troubleshooting and consulting
While I am able to solve very complex problems, the best approach I take is to break down a big problem into small, simple ones and prevent complexity to build up

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