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Why choose MentorCruise?

We appreciate that you're taking the time to help other people grow! We're sure you'll appreciate the benefits being a MentorCruise tutor too!

Build your personal brand

Your tutoring profile is the perfect showcase of your skills. Verified reviews and testimonials complete your expert profile.

Get to work quickly

As a small tutor community, each tutor is a welcome addition. 50% of our tutors start their first tutorship within the first week.

Broaden your horizons

With members from over 100 countries and even more backgrounds, there's always room to learn, grow and guide.

You're in control

Be it setting up new tutoring spots, your analytics or publishing on the MentorCruise blog. It's important for us that you are in control of your success.

Set your rates & sessions

Your time is worth something. Set up paid sessions and your own subscription rates to get compensated for your work.

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Are you a good fit to be a tutor?

We hear quite often that people believe that they aren't "good enough" to be a tutor. Usually, that's incorrect. Nonetheless, we wanted to give you a little checklist.

Do you have the free time?

We are flexible in how much time you want to invest. You set the expectations – so this can be between 10 minutes per day and some hours per week. You need to make time for that commitment.

Will you show up?

The #1 reason why people love our tutorships is because people care for them and are available. If you can't commit to checking in once per day or two, this might not be for you.

Do you have the experience?

Mentees will rely on your experience in the field, so we're looking for a few years in the industry. If you are coming straight out of school, let's wait for a bit.

Are you good with people?

You'll meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and situations. There is no space for elitism or judgement. Being open and understanding people's needs is a must.

But: we love all backgrounds

Our tutoring team includes high school dropouts and PhDs, Web Developers and CEOs. We're open to anyone if we feel like you can help people.

Is this for me?

If you are unsure, just let us do the work and apply. We pride ourselves with being open, inclusive and honest. The least you can get out of this is growth and some feedback.

I'm ready to become a tutor

How does it all work?

We are taking a fresh, innovative stab at building tutorship relations, and it's normal for it to be confusing! This is how it all works.

You'll have your own corner on MentorCruise

As a tutor on MentorCruise, you will receive a public profile designating what kind of tutorship you will provide, as well as your achievements, ratings and your price.

Your own little corner on the site will become a showcase of your great work, including testimonials, and your engagement in the community.

Keith Brewster
"I’ve found I’m in a position where I need to display strong leadership qualities. Working closely with mentees helps me strengthen the interpersonal skills I use in my professional life."

- Keith Brewster, a JavaScript tutor.

You are in control, always

It is absolutely in your control, who you are deciding to tutor and who you'd rather not work with at the time.

Mentees will fill out an application when reaching out for tutorship, stating their goal, expectation, background and more. Based on that information, you can decide whether to take them on as a mentee.

Hui Xiang Chua
Mentoring is a two-way street, both parties learn at the same time. I'm glad I found MentorCruise while searching for a platform where I could guide people on their data science journey"

- Hui, a Machine Learning tutor.

Start a structured tutorship

We won't give you a playbook to run tutorships with. The best part about MentorCruise is that each tutor solves problems differently, that makes this platform so great!

However, we are there all the way through. A tutor community behind you, handbooks and guides to look on too and a team that wants you see succeed!

Sharath K. Dhamodaran
"Of all the ways I think of spending my time, mentoring has one of the highest returns on investment. It enables me to take everything I have learned and pay it forward, shaping the next generation of leaders."

- Sharath, a Data Science tutor.

Apply to be a tutor

How to become a tutor

We are continuously tweaking our recruitment process to ensure quality of our tutors. When you apply to become a tutor, you'll usually go through the following steps.

Application & Vetting

You fill out the application form, we will thoroughly review it and see if you'd fit our wide-ranging tutorship team.

Onboarding & Start

We will get you up and running. You'll meet all tutors in the community and get access to best practises we've learned over time.

Tutoring & Evaluation

You'll receive your public profile and will start getting applications from mentees! We are sure you'll do well and will monitor your performance to help you.

I'm ready to become a tutor

FAQ – at a glance

We want you to be 100% sure in your decision to become a tutor. We hope these FAQ items can clear up any doubts.

How does it work?

After you become a tutor, mentees see you on your public marketplace and are able to reach out to you. If you think they are a match, you can accept them to on-going tutorship or have them book a single session with you.

During the tutorship, you have several accountability, payment and management tools available, as well as a chat with your mentee to connect.

What are my responsibilities as tutor?

Mentees come to us and you for a variety of goals. In the past year, 30% of mentees came to learn a new skill and about 40% of mentees wanted to change their career.

As a tutor, it's your responsibility to be there for them on that journey. How exactly is up to you – regular video calls, tasks or on-demand chat, all is available and configurable to you.

How much time does this take?

Good tutors are busy, we get that. That's why we designed our program around efficiency. The time you invest will always be in your control.

The average tutor on our platform has 2-3 mentees and spends around 30 minute per mentee per week.

How much money can I make?

On MentorCruise, you set your own rates and commitment. Our best tutors are making north of $1,500 per month. The average payout is somewhere around $300-400 per month.

How much does this cost?

We only get paid if you do! Once you set up your price, we'll calculate a fee along the lines of 20% and put it on top of what's public. Once you have your mentees, we just split the payment and commission.

Who are the mentees?

Mentees come from all walks of life. In the past, the majority of our mentees were industry professionals looking to grow or for a career change. Some work on their own product and startups, others are new to tech or just graduated.

Why should I do this?

Tutoring others is one of the best thing you can do for your own development too. Employers love tutors! We created a framework that helps you fit tutorship in your (limited) free time and get paid for it!

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Meet your Peers

There's nothing better than having a strong support network. You'll be lucky to call our co-tutors your peers, as you share best practises in our small community, empower each others and grow immensely.

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