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I am a data scientist lead with 9 years experience in tech industry (Airbnb 4.5 years and counting, Facebook/Meta 3 years and startup 2 years). I have been designing and conducting interviews (200+) and career mentorship program at big tech companies.

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I’m an Engineering Leader with over 20 years of industry experience. I currently lead a team of Backend engineers and support their growth. I am responsible for providing guidance and resources so my team can deliver the features to support the company goals. If I had to summarize my leadership …

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As a lead data scientist with 4.5 years experience at Airbnb + 3 years at Facebook, I have designed and conducted 200+ data scientist and product manager interviews at these … Read More

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How have you positively impacted the revenue growth in your previous roles?

In my previous role as a hotel manager, revenue growth was one of the key metrics I was responsible for. Through a multi-faceted approach focusing on improving operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and strategic marketing, I was able to significantly impact revenue growth.

For instance, I implemented a dynamic pricing strategy based on demand forecasts. During peak seasons or times with high occupancy, we increased our room rates slightly. In contrast, during slower periods, we offered promotional packages to attract more guests. This strategy led to a notable increase in overall revenue.

In terms of customer satisfaction, we focused on improving our services based on guest feedback, which resulted in higher levels of repeat business and more positive online reviews. This, in turn, led to increased visibility and attractiveness for potential guests, thereby positively affecting our revenue.

Finally, I initiated strategic collaboration with local businesses, offering our guests exclusive discounts to local attractions, which improved our value proposition and attracted more bookings.

Through these measures, we saw a steady growth in our annual revenue during my tenure. It was a clear indication that operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and strategic collaborations play a key role in driving revenue growth in the hospitality industry.

What is your approach to learning new software and technologies?

Adapting to new software and technologies is an integral part of staying relevant in today's fast-paced work environment. My approach to learning new software and technologies includes a combination of self-learning, hands-on practice, and seeking expert guidance when needed.

Initially, I would start with a general exploration of the software or technology. Here, I familiarize myself with its basic functionality, interface, and purpose. I tend to learn best by doing, so I'd experiment with different features and functionalities.

I then dial up my learning by seeking out user manuals, tutorials, online resources, or courses to understand more complex functionalities. YouTube, product webinars, and LinkedIn Learning are valuable resources in this regard.

If my company offers training sessions on the new technology, I ensure to attend them. These sessions are great for asking specific questions and understanding how my peers are utilizing the software.

Finally, I believe in the power of ‘learn by teaching’. Once I have a good understanding, I try to explain the software to someone else. It solidifies my learning and often makes me aware of areas where I need a deeper understanding.

Ultimately, the key lies in a positive attitude towards learning and being open-minded about incorporating new technologies into existing workflows. Innovation often springs from understanding and using the latest technology tools to their fullest potential.

What steps would you take to ensure a work/life balance in a demanding role?

Achieving work/life balance, particularly in a demanding role, often requires a combination of time management, prioritization, and mindfulness regarding personal wellbeing.

Efficient time management would be my first step. This involves scheduling my workday smartly to tackle the most demanding tasks when I'm most productive and leaving routine tasks for later.

Prioritization is also essential. Not everything that seems urgent is necessarily important. Understanding this and prioritizing tasks according to their actual impact on business goals helps create balance.

Another crucial aspect is knowing when to disconnect. I believe it's essential to set boundaries between work and personal time. This could mean turning off work-related notifications after work hours or dedicating specific times in a week to unwind and recharge.

Lastly, personally investing time in a healthy lifestyle including regular physical activity, healthy diet and enough sleep ensures that I'm fully energized and focused during work hours.

Remembering to balance periods of intense work with opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation ensures long-term productivity and ward off burnout. The key is to remember that work/life balance not only improves personal wellbeing but also contributes to sustained professional performance.

How would you handle a situation where a property received several bad reviews?

Firstly, it’s vital to respond to negative reviews promptly, thanking the guest for their feedback and acknowledging their concerns. This shows that Airbnb values feedback and is committed to improving guest experiences.

Next, reading the negative reviews carefully to identify common issues would be crucial. If multiple guests reported the same problem, it's clear that there's an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

Once pinpointed, I'd work closely with the host to resolve these reported issues. This could involve offering practical guidance, suggesting improvements or connecting them with resources to help maintain a higher standard for their property.

Furthermore, if required, the property’s listing details could be updated to include more transparent information and better reflect the reality of the space, ensuring future guests have accurate expectations.

In cases where there is no visible improvement, it may be necessary to consider stricter measures like temporary suspension until the host can affirmatively demonstrate improvements in their listings.

Through these steps, we address issues directly, support hosts on their improvement journey, and eventually steer the property towards receiving positive reviews again. The key here lies in viewing negative reviews as pathways to improvement, not just criticisms.

Can you provide an example of when you had to work in a team to achieve a common goal?

In my previous role as a hotel manager, our team was faced with the challenge of improving our hotel's guest satisfaction scores, which were declining due to inefficiencies in the check-in and check-out process. Achieving this goal required collaborative effort from the entire team, ranging from IT to the front-desk staff.

The first step was to identify the obstacles in the existing process. This was achieved through team discussions where everyone's input was valued. Based on the insights, we decided to implement a mobile check-in/check-out solution.

The success of the solution was a team effort. The IT team was responsible for configuring the system while the front desk staff were trained and given the responsibility of educating guests about the new process.

Communication was key in ensuring everyone was on the same page - from understanding the problem to outlining the solution and assigning roles for its implementation. As a result of the team's collective efforts, we managed to significantly streamline the check-in/check-out process, thereby improving our guest satisfaction score.

This experience reinforced the power of teamwork, and the fact that varied perspectives and skill sets can lead to successful solutions.

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