How can I become a mentor?

Published April 17, 2019

Mentorship is a relationship between mentee and mentor, but the responsibilities are often heavier on the mentor side. As a mentor, you are the person that should help a mentee reach their goals. So how does one prepare before becoming a mentor?

How can I become a mentor?

Sort your priorities

Mentorship will always take time, preparation and care - even if you’re getting stressed and swamped with work, your mentee will need you.

Being a mentor is incredibly rewarding and powerful, so be sure that you can give it the care that it needs. It’s okay to say no to a mentorship opportunity if you have too many things to do.

If you can put mentorship above some of your other priorities, you will have a great time.

Choose your style

Chat-only? Scheduled video calls? Give out your phone number?

How you do mentorship is entirely up to you. Some approaches will fit your lifestyle better than others. If you’re on the road a lot, maybe sit-down video calls aren’t the best. If you’re a slow typer, maybe hop on a call instead.

What’s important is that you know, have and follow your own style of mentorship. Also important is that you communicate what your style is with your mentee. There’s nothing worse than a mentee to expect to go on regular video calls with you, when you don’t really want that.

What’s your schedule?

A combination of the two previous parts: What is your schedule, and how much time can you invest into mentorship?

Based on that, you’ll also be able to decide on how many times you want to check in on your mentee. Whatever you do, it’s important to communicate this. If you manage expectations, it’s a lot easier for the mentee to worry about their goals, rather than to worry about you.

Bonus: How to become a MentorCruise Mentor

Now the question: I’m ready to mentor - where are the mentees coming from?

A good way to find mentees is through our mentorship program at MentorCruise. Not only do we offer you the tools, coaching and visibility to succeed as a mentor, we also make sure that your mentees apply through a formal pipeline, rather than just writing you directly.

Another great part: We have a payment system set up, which might get you paid for your mentorship as well!

We’d be honored if you’d choose to mentor with us applications are open anytime, we’d be happy to have you.