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Unlocking Career Success: How coaching can help you define a strategy to get unstuck

Are you feeling stuck in your career and unsure how to progress? Coaching could be the key to unlocking your potential and achieving your professional goals.
Yoav Farbey

B2B Product Manager building products with purpose

Are you feeling stuck in your career and unsure of how to move forward? If so, coaching may be a helpful tool for you. As a coach, worked with many clients who come to me because they feel like they are not progressing in their careers as they would like and are not sure how to make their manager, or company their work at notice their value.

As a coach, I always look to understand what are the underlying goals of the individual I work with. Why are they feeling stuck in their career & what motivates them to seek the promotion? These motivations will form the baseline for the strategy to help them achieve their career goals.

Some additional questions I ask at this stage, which may help you if you are feeling stuck:

- What is the ideal role you are looking for?

- What are the reasons stopping you from reaching that role today?

- What are the skills and disciplines needed to fulfil the role and do you have them?

Together, we can look at the competencies and focus areas of people who are where you want to get to in your career and identify the behaviours and skills you need to demonstrate. We can also reflect on your manager's direct feedback and discuss your blind spots. This process can lead to a list of competencies and focus areas that are specific to you.

This is the start for us to build out a strategy for you. For example, we would look at an advert for a role you aspire to get into and analyse which of the competencies are you confident and have experience with and which aspects of the role you need to work on and improve on. 

A way to evaluate if you have enough experience with a given skill is to ask yourself to give three examples in your career where you have done the expected task for the role. The following is an example I completed for myself a few years ago when I was looking for a new role in Product management.

An example analysis for your ideal role. Can you give three examples for a job requirement?

As a coach, I can help as a sounding board to complete this self-analysis and as a team, we can then map out your strategy to get to your ideal role, the map could look like so:

Mapping out a path to your ideal job.

Once we've defined a strategy, we can take continuous incremental actions, learn from the outcomes, and plan the next action. This involves creating a feedback loop where you take small steps forward and then assess the results and harvest the learning. We'll reflect on what success would look like in each defined area and how it can be measured. This will help you define what success looks like and how it can be measured, while I'll be there to ask clarifying questions.

How can coaching help get unstuck in your career?

  • Strategy & analysis: The coach will become your thinking partner, and help you define a strategy to get promoted.

  • Feedback loop: The coach will continuosly ask you to take small steps in the right direction and encourage you to assess the results of your activities and make notes of any learning.

  • Holding the big picture: A coach is there to make sure you stay on track by connecting short-term challenges to the bigger picture of finding a job where you feel fulfilled. 

Another crucial aspect of coaching is connecting the immediate issue of being stuck in your career to the big picture of your fulfilment. Together, we can stay on track by reminding you of your ultimate goals and purpose. This helps you to avoid getting bogged down by the day-to-day tasks and to focus on what truly matters. We can also explore and identify what your values and purpose are, which can further enhance your overall fulfilment in life.

If you're feeling stuck in your career, I encourage you to reflect on what's causing the struggle, seek feedback and support from trusted colleagues or coaches and mentors, develop a plan to address the areas of struggle, take proactive steps to improve skills and knowledge, consider seeking additional training or education, and network and explore new opportunities within or outside the current organization.

Actionable tasks you can do if you feel stuck in your career

  1. Reflect on what's causing the struggle.

  2. Define where you want to go, and analyse what competencies you need to develop to get there. 

  3. Seek feedback and support from trusted colleagues or mentors.

  4. Develop a plan to address the areas of struggle.

  5. Take proactive steps to improve skills and knowledge.

  6. Consider seeking additional training or education.

  7. Network and explore new opportunities within or outside your current organization.

As a coach, I can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, clarify your goals and priorities, create a plan of action, and hold you accountable for taking steps towards your goals. I can also provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the process.

If you're ready to take the next step in your career development, I'm here to help. As a coach, I can provide personalized career guidance, help identify your strengths and weaknesses, and assist in developing a strategic career plan. I can also provide insights into the job market, offer networking advice, and provide support and accountability for achieving your career goals. Let's work together to unlock your full potential and achieve your career aspirations by connecting on MentorCruise.

In summary, coaching can help you who feel stuck in your career by defining a strategy for getting promoted, creating a feedback loop, and connecting the immediate issue to your overall satisfaction. We'll take continuous incremental actions and learn from the outcomes. We'll also explore and identify what your values and purpose are, which can further enhance your overall satisfaction in life.

If you have more questions or would like to discuss this topic further, please don't hesitate to reach out to me on Mentorcruise or Linkedin. 

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